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Since the foundation in 2007, Doha EXTRACO started evolving by enforcing the quality and quantum of its products and services, and continues the journey toward successful growing. Our strategy determination is to be one of Qatar's outstanding, developed, top quality standard manufacturers. Our value grows with our employees, and we aim to be leading in our manufacturing industry. We are not just manufacturers we work with creative vision, transforming sand into artistic paintings that highlight Qatar's modern beauty. We are part of the country we live in, and hope to be a remarkable collaborate conveyor to the 2030 Qatari dream. We are part of Qatar transformational industry. We always aim on developing and bringing in the latest technologies into the industry and implement it by hiring the best expertise and professionals. We have variety of products, such as GRC, GRP, GRG, FIBER C, and ULTRAHIGH-STRENGTH MATERAL as well as POLYMER CONCRETE and all what connects to this line of productions. We also work with GRP PANEL WATER TANK in various sizes and specifications. In addition to all of the above mentioned products, we work in the field of PAINT through both sales and implementation. We always aim to give a closer detailed idea about our manufactured products, that's why interested customers are always welcome to join us for a tour at Doha Extraco premises where You get to know all about our products and how we can efficiently serve your business.