Supreme Supply & Services W.L.L, has been engaged in providing with most complex and challenging trading assignments to its clients to the lowest cost and in a timely and efficient manner. We ensure that quality goods and services are procured exceeding the client’s expectation in terms of price, quality and delivery. Through our vast worldwide network of sources and contacts, our dedicated team of experienced buyers source the right product at the right price. Our team of Material expeditor's and logistics staff compliment the whole process in providing the follow up and logistical support to ensure that all parts and equipment are handled and stored correctly and dispatched as quickly as possible or as directed by our Clients, to meet their operational deadlines. Our scope includes strategic sourcing, material management, contract management, logistics, which are conveniently traced with which any potential setbacks and nonconformities are conveniently tackled. Our range of supply is so diverse that it covers the full spectrum of industry supply which enables us to provide our clients with a single sourcing solution to cover all of their daily requirements. Our dedicated team of staff have the overall experience and knowledge in their field to be able to provide suggestions and solutions with the added provision of product and application knowledge with after sales support. It’s our long term vision to expand globally, improving our procurement capabilities, helping our customers improve cost control efforts, and also bringing to each project a real world experience in supply chain and procurement management. Our Vision Our Vision is to be Service Provider of choice to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine and construction Industry, one stop service provider convenience through a superior team of service personnel, continuous improvement in operational efficiency, a strategic realignment of our business activities as well as the expansion. We aim to ensure the success and continued growth of the company. Our Mission Our Mission is to be a supplier of choice in Oil & Gas/Fabrication/Ship Building/Construction in the region, Providing one stop supply house convenience through a superior team of service personnel Quality Policy. " Our Quality is to meet and exceed the quality standards expected by our customers. Our total Quality Management Philosophy is to recruit best people and foster an environment of teamwork. We aim to enhance our services and know our customers better through quality communication and continuously training our employees to improve their skills and Technical know-how, resulting in optimum Quality Management and client satisfaction"