VIK Uniforms - Very Important Kids

VIK uniforms Est., is a fashion designing and tailoring. Services with deep and rich background in fashion market. We have been in business for over 10 years and have a proven quality track record.​ We began this business foreseeing the growth of the state of Qatar and aiming for good quality products with professional services that suit the customer class and budget. Our management has put enormous efforts and exhausted all financial Resources to bring the business up to the level where it stands today. VIK uniforms Est. has an experience and capable team, which will remain constant during all out future projects. We are able of designing and producing all kinds of uniforms and occasional outfits. We believe successful projects are due to good team chemistry and experience. ​We at VIK uniforms have a big consideration and respect for​our customers and basedOn that along with quality services manage to construct our name and we firmly intend to protect it. We are 100% Qatari company and we are already working on this system of making customized uniforms to all students. So they will look better and feel comfortable. We will send our team to your school to take the measurement under your convenience. ​ ​